Made In Timeland album cover

Made In Timeland

Made In Timeland is probably the most unique out of all of King Gizzard’s discography. Originally created in 2020 as intermission music for the band’s 3 hour sets, COVID-19 concerns meant that the release was postponed to New Year’s Eve 2021 at Timeland festival, which was also cancelled, leading to band members and fans half-joking that the record was cursed. It was eventually played at the Return Of The Curse Of Timeland festival, and made available as a vinyl-only release, then later digitally on the same day as the release of its spiritual successor, Laminated Denim.

Made in Timeland is a synth-heavy album consisting of several disparate vignettes wound into an ethereal, dreamlike tapestry of sound. Sonically, it's completely different to its sequel, so it's worth checking the other one out if you didn't enjoy the first!